Why Pour Over?


The hand-pour method allows you to control the speed of the pour, giving the water more time with your grounds and creating a richer and more flavorful brew. As explained in the The New York Times by coffee journalist Oliver Strand, pour-over coffee is "so clean, so round and fruity . . . you can fully taste all [the] complex layers of flavor . . ." But put simply, the pour over method makes great coffee!


The pour over method allows you to enjoy delicious coffee from home without expensive barista equipment. And cleaning is simple, just place the filter and carafe in the dishwasher. Plus, you can make high-quality coffee anywhere, from your kitchen to your campsite and everywhere in between.


The pour over method allows you to adjust the variables of your brew. You can alter the volume of water or beans, temperature of water, rate of your pour, or size of your grind. Experimenting allows you to make the best cup for your preferences.  


Making coffee at home means no disposable cups. Starbucks alone estimates that they use 6 billion disposable cups a year. But other at home brew methods create waste too… think how many coffee pods or paper filters are used by at home brewers. But our brewer uses a reusable filter and definitely no premade coffee pods!


Enjoy coffee shop coffee but without the price tag. Plus no expensive coffee pods or repeated coffee filter expenditures.


The clean, minimalist design of a pour over maker is a nice addition to your counter top, especially compared to a corded, bulky electric coffee maker. Pour over is impressive not just because it makes a great cup of coffee, but because it offers a great presentation!

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